Why Mobile Wallets are Safer Than Credit Cards

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The mobile wallet is fast becoming the preferred method of doing business, even as credit cards begin evolving. While adoption rates are technically low compared to cash, the technology is very new and there are already many users and retailers utilizing it to complete payments. That’s thanks to big players like both Apple and Google, but there are other companies

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Tips for improving sales online

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Written by Secure Net Shop Aside from standard promotional tactics, there are some actions that can be taken in order to improve sales online. Here are a few: One click sales This is where a set of recent and related products are displayed when the customer is about to check out on the website shopping cart. Beside each item should

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How to Rent a Laptop

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Have a big project coming up, but your laptop just isn’t going to cut it? Whether it’s slow from viruses or because it’s packed with games or music, the bottom line is you need another option. If buying a new computer is beyond your budget, consider a computer rental in Santa Ana. Many companies offer computer rentals, but not all

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PVD Thermal Evaporation Systems in Various Industries

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PVD systems play a huge role in a variety of industries. Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC Physical vapor deposition, or PVD thermal evaporation, coating is a method that is used in a variety of industries such as: automotive, metal cutting, moulding, and decorative. With its wide array of uses and applications, it continues to transcend the way that industries produce

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Benefits of PC Rental

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When you need a new computer, why buy when you can rent your PC? Computer rental Los Angeles is an awesome way to get a great computer with plenty of additional perks thrown into the mix. One benefit of a computer rental is the chance to get a better PC. When it is time to buy a computer, brand, model,

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SEO Software Reviews

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Using an effective search engine optimization strategy is a great way for anyone to increase their profitability. When done properly, SEO will help you get a steady stream of targeted traffic to your website without requiring any additional effort. The problem, though, is that SEO is not always easy. Although many tools and software packages are on the market to

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Three Tips to getting your app approved by Apple

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If you’re developing an iPhone app and want to increase your odds of getting it approved, you need to know what the mobile app developers Los Angeles know. Here are three tips to help you. 1. Keep it Small Apple is very particular about the amount of resources apps use and how they store data. Every iPhone app development company

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Why Ion Beam Sputter Deposition Continues to be Utilized

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Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC One of the most common, but underappreciated methods of deposition, is known as ion beam sputter deposition. To understand the numerous applications of ion beam sputter deposition, or IBSD, it’s important that you break down each component of the process. This article will cover how this method of deposition works as well as why it

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Avoiding shopping cart abandonment

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Written by Secure Net Shop One of the most frustrating things to see as an e commerce vendor, is when the customer goes all the way through the shopping process only to leave the site without completing the purchase. This is known as shopping cart abandonment. According to a study conducted by UPS, eighty percent of the users surveyed said

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How Software Can Actually Hurt You

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By Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA Being that it’s the 21st century and that we are already well into the digital age, it makes sense that your company would operate using a wide range of different software platforms. In fact, you may actively hunt out as many as possible in an effort to do better by your customers and stay

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